Minh Chau (Max) Dang Vu

Class of: 2017
School: Aorere College
Scholarship Partner: Fletcher Building

Max’s parents immigrated from Vietnam over 20 years ago and have been working to provide for their family ever since. In recent years, his father was made redundant and the family have lived on a part-time income. Through all of this, Max’s focus on study and participation in school life has never wavered. He has participated in several national tournaments, is a school prefect and student council member, and has was named Aorere College school dux. 

In his spare time, Max volunteers at the Mind Lab and Middlemore hospital. A keen sportsman, he has also enjoyed being a film academy member. Max wants to graduate with honours, work in the field of engineering, and buy his parents a home and support them financially for all the years of support they have given to him. He will be the first in his family to attend university.