Naomi Fruean

Class of: 2011
School: McAuley High School
Scholarship Partner: KPMG
As a well-rounded student, Naomi has strengths in both performing arts and maths. In 2010 she received, among other prizes, a Diligence Award in recognition of her commitment to a broad range of subjects. Her Yr 12 Dean at McAuley endorsed that Naomi is personable and always eager to learn. She works well both independently and in groups and is approachable and warm towards all people.

While Naomi is known to be a diligent and focused student, who is committed to her studies, she also finds the time to contribute extensively to the life of her school, church and wider community. Her involvement ranges from the School band, to Choir and Stage Challenge, to the Liturgy Committee to Kilikiti and charity groups such as St Vincent De Pauls. "Naomi was a stand-out applicant for us, demonstrating excellence in her school work, her community involvement and her level of maturity. We can't wait to work with her," said Mary Jane Richards from, KPMG.

Naomi aims to study at Waikato, Victoria or Otago University towards becoming a qualified Accountant, whilst maintaining her passion for the Performing Arts through some studies in this field.