Nathan Banks

Class of: 2009
School: Hornby High School
Scholarship Partner: PGG Wrightson
As the first member of his family to attend University, Nathan is paving the way for other family members to pursue education at a high level. At school he was known as an intelligent, dedicated student and talented sportsman, leader and community-giver. In 2008 he was awarded Top Year 11 Scholar. In 2010 he was invited to develop his leadership skills through attendance at the Canterbury Young Leaders Day. Nathan consistently received praise for his courteous nature and high personal standards.

PGG Wrightson holds Nathan in high regard and admits that their 'impression of Nathan is that of a bright young man who is achieving academically and has the desire to further his education. There is a sense that given the right opportunities, Nathan will embark on a journey of incredible personal growth with the potential to become a leader in any field'.
Nathan completed his final paper for a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Math and Management Science aat the end of 2015.
In April he started work as a Business Analyst for PGG Wrightson.