Ngatokorima Tautaitini Irangi

Class of: 2011
School: Mangere College
Scholarship Partner: Coca-Cola Amatil
Head Boy (2012)
Ngatokorima Tautaitini (Tau) is no stranger to seizing opportunities set before him. With his optimistic and self-motivated personality, he aims to learn from every situation. Displayed in his application to become a First Foundation Scholar, was strong evidence that he has learnt a number of transferable skills in his high school years as an active member of his school and church.

Ngatokorima 's leadership potential began to shine as a leader of the school's Bring It On group in 2010 and 2011. Also in 2011, he won the Yr 11 Scholar of the Year award. His Dean described him as an intelligent, quiet and focused student, "with the ability to achieve highly."

In selecting Ngatokorima, Coca-Cola  Amatil said "we get the incredible opportunity to take Ngatokorima  under our wing. Tau demonstrated a fantastic spirit and an attitude that belied his situation and age. He is most definitely a credit to his family and we are sure he will soon further exemplify himself as a credit to First Foundation and our organisation."

Tau started a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at The University of Auckland and is studying part-time with the goal of finishing in 2019.  It is his dream to gain a degree and tohave a career in mechanical  engineering.