Nicholas Lim

Class of: 2009
School: Kelston Boys High School
Scholarship Partner: PGG Wrightson


A quiet high-achiever and a fine all-rounder, Nicholas excelled at school.  Winning awards for excellence right from Yr 9, Nicholas achieved the three levels of NCEA with Merit and in 2008 a highly commendable 81% in IGCSE Cambridge Mathematics Examination. Outside of the classroom, Nicholas represented the school in Junior Chess, Intermediate Tennis and Senior Table Tennis. Nicholas demonstrated a particular flair in music and was a member of the Stage Band and the Kelston Chamber Group. Specialising in the violin, he gained the Yr 10 Music Performance Award for his achievements.

Nicholas impressed his Scholarship Partner from early on: "He was well prepared and demonstrated a very mature approach to problem resolution through his interview questions" said Kate Strahan, HR Manager at PGG Wrightson at the time. Nicholas is enjoying gaining an inside look to the structure and protocol of this company through his work experience.

With side interests in software engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence and psychology, Nicholas graduated in 2014 from The University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)