Nitin Prakash

Class of: 2003
School: One Tree Hill College
Scholarship Partner: Ford New Zealand
At school, Nitin was described by his Yr 12 Dean as "mature in his approach to school work, confident with his peers and dedicated to all his extra-curricular activities." This is made more remarkable as he only arrived in New Zealand in 2002.

His academic results and involvement in extracurricular activities at school and beyond show that he is both an achiever and a team player and these important qualities drew Ford to selecting Nitin as their 2003 Scholar. Nitin pursued his tertiary education at The University of Auckland where he studied a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, graduating in 2008, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Science, graduating in 2010.

Achieving outstanding results in his studies, he continues to stand out. Nitin completed his scholarship in 2006 and through his study and profession in Bio Medicine he is following his ambition of helping others.