Noho-Ana Moe

Class of: 2006
School: Tamaki College
Scholarship Partner: SAP New Zealand Limited
Noted as a capable student with a quiet determination and clear vision for her future, Noho-Ana demonstrated herself as a leader and pioneer. Having been in the YWCA Future Leaders Programme she was the YWCA Student of the Year in 2005. Throughout her years at school Noho-Ana actively served her community. "She consistently works admiringly and uncompromisingly in all areas" said her Principal when recommending her for a First Foundation Scholarship.

At the 2006 First Foundation Awards evening, Ian Black, Managing Director of SAP New Zealand Limited announced: "SAP New Zealand Limited is delighted to help Noho achieve her education and future goals. Noho was the right choice for SAP, with her determination, strength and a desire to succeed and be the best that she can be." Through a number of personal challenges Noho-Ana has shown this deep drive to succeed.

Studying for a Bachelor of Business at AUT Noho-Ana aims to become a Chartered Accountant in the near future. She hopes to be a great example for her siblings and peers to realise their own dreams and ambitions despite the challenges of life.