Peter Hooper

Class of: 2012
School: One Tree Hill College
Scholarship Partner: Fletcher Building Ltd-Concrete
Peter's earnest and down to earth character makes him an affable young man. "Peter differentiated himself because of his drive, his initiative, his can do attitude and because of his clear desire to develop his personal and professional skills," stated Duncan Brown of Fletcher Building at the First Foundation Auckland Awards ceremony in 2012.

At One Tree Hill College Peter is a focused academic. He achieved highly in English and gained NCEA Excellence in Graphics and Physics for Level 1. With great leadership potential Peter is active in developing his skills through being a representative on the Student Council, as a Whanau Leader, an Environmental Group leader and a Forty Hour Famine leader. In 2013 Peter is a school prefect.

Peter's ambitions are admirable and include being a role model for his younger brother, He started at B Engineering at the University of Auckland in 2014 and completed his first year but due to personal circumstances he is currently working and studying via a different avenue to eventually achieve his goal of being an engineer.