Ranish Chand

Class of: 2015
School: Manurewa High School
Scholarship Partner: Hynds Education Fund
Ranish was a school prefect and Year 9 mentor. He won the Year 12 Physics trophy and merit endorsements in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
"He is a valuable member of my Whanau Prefect team and has consistently impressed me with his enthusiasm, mature sense of responsibility, and his developed student leadership skills. He is an excellent mentor student and has formed meaningful connections with many of the Year 9 students he mentors, "said Manurewa High School Deputy Principal Martin McAllen.

Ranish was the winner of the University of Auckland science fair and travelled to the University of Otago for the Hands on Science event. He also took part in a competition run by the School of Engineering and hopes to study for a Bachelor of Engineering.
He plays badminton and enjoys cycling.