Reanna Biordi

Class of: 2003
School: Otahuhu College
Scholarship Partner: Ing (NZ) Limited
Reanna was one of the top academic students in her year at school. Awarded a number of prizes for excellence in subjects such as economics and geography, she also received the Massey University Vice-Chancellors award at the end of Yr 12. Additionally, Reanna showed herself to be a role model and leader with opportunities such as School Prefect, Chief Executive Officer for her business group in the Lion Nathan Business Experience and captain for the Papatoetoe Rangers Netball team.

Reanna's goal to get a Law degree by the time she was 21 was accomplished through study at The University of Auckland. Reanna studied conjoint Law and Bachelor of Arts degrees. ING was impressed with Reanna's enthusiasm and energy, as well as her academic excellence throughout her study.

Reanna completed her scholarship in 2006 and is now married and living in Australia.