Rebecca Mackie

Class of: 2004
School: Naenae College
Scholarship Partner: Hutt City Council
Rebecca began her journey with First Foundation as an introverted, softly spoken student. Her immaculate presentation, punctuality and ability to work well as a team member were noted by her Yr 12 Dean as some of Rebecca's key attributes. Academically, Rebecca had strengths in German, Mathematics and English-based subjects such as History and Classical Studies.

Rebecca committed to being fully engaged with the tasks at her Scholarship Partner and expressed enthusiasm at the challenges put before her. Rebecca also made the most of her First Foundation mentoring relationship with Kirsten Todd. At one point Rebecca wrote in a bi-annual report; "I have been in regular contact with my Mentor (who is currently travelling overseas) with emails and postcards".

Rebecca transitioned well into tertiary study at Victoria University where completed a Bachelor of Architecture in 2010 and continued to complete her Masters in 2012.