Ricky Ling

Class of: 2009
School: Kelston Boys High School
Scholarship Partner: NZI


It was Ricky's excellent work ethic and real determination to succeed and his willingness to express his own views, along with his commitment to the wider community that made him a stand out student for the 2009 NZI Austin Hemmings Memorial Scholarship. The principal of Kelston Boys was pleased to endorse Ricky for a First Foundation Scholarship, stating 'he is always highly motivated, organised and focused with a real determination to succeed and achieve to the very best of his academic potential. Ricky is a young man of integrity and promise, with real commitment to the wider community.'

This young man proved to be an outstanding secondary student who demonstrated skill across sporting, cultural, community and academic arenas. In 2008 Ricky ranked 24th in New Zealand Badminton. Also in 2008 Ricky gained an 'A' score of 87% in his IGCSE Cambridge Mathematics Examination. His sterling efforts and all-round excellence was recognised with the prestigious Colgan Scholarship at the end of Yr 11.

Ricky completed his Pharmaceutical degree at The University of Auckland at the end of 2014 and is currently working at Ranui Pharmacy. Ricky is also a First Foundation mentor.