Roseanne Ulunga

Class of: 2011
School: McAuley High School
Scholarship Partner: Gerard Roofs

Regarded as a superstar right from her first interview with First Foundation, this softly spoken high achiever is totally committed to taking up a profession which will enable her to support poor communities. Rosanne's own experience with very difficult financial circumstances, but an extremely supportive family, has cemented her desire to overcome such hurdles and work towards success at a tertiary level and beyond. Strong interpersonal skills and drive mean that in academia and in her extracurricular activities she is an inspiration to her peers and "her teachers' comments have always described Roseanne as an ideal student," wrote her Yr 12 Dean.

Her reputation as an organised and efficient high achiever is reflected in her NCEA Level 1 results. In 2010 she passed with an Excellence endorsement. Her academic strengths have resulted in prizes, too many to list. Among her 2011 awards are the Ted Jaggard Cup for General Excellence in Yr 11 and the Principal's Awards for Excellence in the Pompallier Shield Oratory."Roseanne has shown excellence in her academic pursuits, has wide interests outside of school and we feel she has all the personal attributes to be a huge success when she enters university," stated Kevin Sanders, Operations Manager, Gerard Roofs, in regards to their 2011 Scholar.

Rosanne completed a B.Engineering(hons) from the University of Auckland at the end of 2016 and is currently a graduate engineer at Downers.  Her goal is to work on water management and process projects in developing countries and is gaining experince in a water company to gain experience.

In 2016 Roseanne won the competiton to design the First Foundation pin.