Ruth Gregoriadis

Class of: 2006
School: Mairehau College
Scholarship Partner: Warehouse Stationery

In her application to be a First Foundation Scholar, Ruth wrote of potential being a vital trait for success. Having displayed incredible potential herself throughout high school, it was Ruth's goal at the time to obtain a degree and continue to achieve highly at University.

Ruth engaged fully with the work experience component at Warehouse Stationery. "I feel the work experience with my Scholarship Partner has benefited me the most. I gained valuable work experience and met a fantastic bunch of people," says Ruth. Ruth is still in contact with her Store Manager and many of her work colleges.

Ruth graduated from The University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Services in 2010. Since early 2011 Ruth has travelled extensively. She has also volunteered for many organisations  including raising money for YAP Ghana and on-going volunteer for Reality Gives which operates in the slums of Dharavi and New Delhi.

Ruth has worked in London, training in Applied Behaviour Analysis / Verbal Behaviour Therapy and as a Charity Fundraiser for Red Cross, Save the Children and Nurse Maude before returning to New Zealand in 2013 to work at the Alpha Support Centre Trust.

Ruth has recently returned from travelling through Asia and intends to pursue a BCBA, followed by a Post graduate diploma in Business Enterprise.