Ryan Drummond

Class of: 2010
School: Kelston Boys High School
Scholarship Partner: Landcare Research

The Assistant Principal of Kelston Boy's High School was certain that Ryan Drummond was a deserving candidate of a First Foundation Scholarship: 'Ryan is a fine all-rounder. He is always extremely polite, friendly, cooperative and courteous. He is a responsible young man of integrity. Keen to succeed, he possesses all the essential pre-requisites for future success and a senior leadership role next year.' In 2009, Ryan achieved NCEA Level 1 with a Merit endorsement. He also achieved excellent results in the ICGSE Cambridge Mathematics Examination with an A score of 81%.

Ryan embraced the sporting culture of the school and has played Football for four years. He founded the Kelston Boys' Mountain Biking Team and competed in Triathlon, Duathlon and Multisport. In addition to this he showed a strong sense of social awareness and was part of the Environmental Group,  a Peer Mentor for International students and mentored six Year 9 students in life skills. Ryan was spokesperson of the 2010 Enviro-challenge. In his spare time, he played Metro level Football for Oratia United. He was part of the Huia Bush runners group,  an Archer at the Massey Archery Club and worked for his dad and neighbour on the weekends with odd jobs such as magazine runs and handyman jobs. Ryan has also completed a Growsafe and Chainsaw course. These skills have allowed him to create his own enterprise, selling trailer-loads of manuka firewood on TradeMe.

"Aside from his credible academic record we were very taken by Ryan's enthusiasm and passion for science as well as his desire to care for New Zealand's land environments. We felt his values were clearly aligned with our organisation's values, he was familiar with Landcare Research's role and his aspirations to work for an organisation such as ours was utterly compelling. In this instance, we very much felt that we chose Ryan as much as he chose us, we look forward to watching and assisting him to learn and grow." - Katrina Direen, General Manager People & Performance

Ryan graduated in 2016 with B. Forestry Science with First Class honours and is currenly Graduate Forester for PF Olsen Ltd

Ryan graduated from from the University of Canterbury in 2015 with a Bachelor of Forestry Science with First Class Honours and curewently works for a small forestry Company in Christchurch as a Harvest Operations Manager