Shania Stapp

Class of: 2016
School: Bishop Viard College
Scholarship Partner: McSyth Charitable Foundation
Head Girl 

Shania was the student rep on the Board of Trustrees and a STAR mentor for younger students. She coached a junior netball team and took part in the school's Cook Island group, while being a very active member of several music groups.

However such a busy extra-curricular programme didn't take away from her academic achievements and she gained an excellent endorsement in NCEA Level 1 and 2. Shania's long-held ambition is to study to be a midwife.

"She has a strong set of personal values and is confident in expressing her views but respectful of others' opinions. Shania has demonstrated that she is a hardworking and determined young woman. She strives hard to achieve her best and plans carefully to realise her goals," said Principal Rose Sawaya.