Shannon Okey

Class of: 2007
School: Papakura High School
Scholarship Partner: Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd

Shannon is passionate about the arts and at school she delved into a number of school-based and extracurricular activities that reflected this passion. In her final years at school she was a member of the Arts Festival Committee and leader of Wearable Arts within the school.

A quietly confident and friendly person, Shannon has the ability to build relationships quickly and the Human Resources Manager at Fonterra Brands said that this skill gave her "added advantage in the ever-changing landscape in our company's FMCG environment".

Shannon's creative abilities and love for a range of artistic disciplines stretched into her tertiary study at Natcoll. She completed a Certificate in Digital Media in 2009 as the pre requisite for a Diploma in Graphic Design, and digital Media which Shannon graduated from in June 2011.

She then went to London and worked in Mayfair for Winkworth Estate Agents for three and half years as a graphic designer, providing designs for their 90+ Franchises. She then started freelancing and created her own business, Okey Dokey Designs.

In 2016 Shannon returned to NZ and has continued freelancing for clients here and in the UK, whilst enjoying life in the Coromandel where she now lives.