Shiuvani Chand

Class of: 2006
School: James Cook High School
Scholarship Partner: Rayonier

Described as having "a dignity, grace and maturity beyond her years," Shiuvani's school Principal also called her "an exceptional all-rounder who will forge for herself a very successful future."  At school, Shiuvani showed great commitment to her studies with a 100% attendance record and high academic standards. Her keen interest in business was revealed as she took part in the Lion Nathan Business Experience in her Year 11 and in the top marks she received in Business Studies and Accounting throughout high school.

During her time in the First Foundation programme, Shiuvani gained valuable experiences to support her desire to work in business. At Rayonier she moved her way through the different departments of this company and in doing so, developed a sound understanding of a functioning business.

Studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Commercial Law and Accounting at The University of Auckland, Shiuvani graduated in the second half of 2011. She worked at Raw Energy Ltd for three years and is currently an Accountant at Harrison Grierson.