Sian Nicholson

Class of: 2011
School: Auckland Girls' Grammar School
Scholarship Partner: Auckland DHB Charitable Trust
Sian begins her First Foundation journey as a Yr 13 student who upholds strong belief and value systems which support her hard work ethic, talent and maturity. Brought up as a Hare Krishna, Sian grew up on a small farm with her parents, brother and lots of animals. Outside of school she enjoys Yoga, taking an active part in Religious Festivals and horse riding.

With a calm and thoughtful demeanour which stems from daily meditation, Sian's steady nature transfers easily over into her academic work. "Sian has earned a reputation as an attentive class member, totally focussed on learning and determined to gain a thorough understanding of new content," said her Principal at the time.
Throughout her secondary school Sian showed strengths in Mathematics and Science. Sian was selected as class representative in 2011 and was on the Social Science committee, helping to organise the 2011 Model United Nations Assembly, which her school hosted.

Sian views Midwifery as a particularly rewarding profession and aims to embark of a degree in Midwifery at Auckland University of Technology. She has a developing passion for relating well to children.