Sowmya Vytla

Class of: 2010
School: Auckland Girls' Grammar School
Scholarship Partner: Auckland DHB Charitable Trust
Robyn Rose, the Year 12 Dean at Auckland Girls' Grammar School recommends Sowmya Vytla for the opportunity of a First Foundation Scholarship: 'Sowmya's diligence and positive attitude towards her school work has impressed her teachers each year, as has her mature and focussed approach to her studies. Her achievements are especially commendable given that English is her second language as she and her family immigrated to New Zealand from India in 2005.' In 2009, Sowmya passed NCEA Level 1 with a Merit endorsement. She received the Academic Excellence award in English and the Dean's recognition award.

Sowmya enjoys playing Badminton and Tennis as part of her school team. On Sundays she coaches Badminton to beginners. She also teaches water safety and basic swimming to children. She is on the Maths Committee and is a Humanitarian activist with the AGGSHA. Sowmya is responsible for a paper round to one thousand houses.

Sowmya wishes to follow in the footsteps of members of her family and study Health Sciences. She wishes to specialise in nursing or physiotherapy.

"Sowmya is a high achieving self-motivated mature student with a demonstrated commitment and ability to succeed in the healthcare arena. She is a high achiever in school and keen on pursuing her career to support her family." - Mercy Thomas, Nurse Educator (Children's NETP) & Workforce Development Coordinator.