Tayla-Maree Reilly

Class of: 2016
School: Dargaville High School
Scholarship Partner: Ungemuth
Tayla-Maree's determination to be the first in her family to study at university saw her work steadfastly over several years to work her way up from a lower stream to a top one. She received awards for Science, Media Studies, Drama and Physical Education.

She is a gifted sportsperson and was Sports Leader for her house. Tayla-Maree was also a member of the school surfing club, captain of a netball team and took part in athletics and swimming sports. She shared her talent for swimming by teaching a Learn to Swim programme for primary school children. Her leadership skills further developed during her time with the school's Peer Support programme.

"Tayla is a talented, positive and enthusiastic individual who brings energy and forward momentum to any project she is a part of. Passionate and committed in her leadership and determined to get the best results she can, she has made a great contribution to our school," said Acting Principal Takiri Pumipi.