Te Ata Tu Harmer-Matairangi

Class of: 2016
School: Alfriston College
Scholarship Partner: NZI
A long-held interest in social justice is the driving force behind Te Ata Tu's ambition to study law. Her leadership talents were recognised by her school early on.

"Te Ata Tu held the position of Whanau Student Cultural and Community Leader. She was selected for a coveted leadership position after having only been part of the Alfriston community for a few months and has fulfilled the role with her customary skill and passion," said Whanau Leader Jane Schroeder. "I am confident that she has the skills, attitude and disposition to fulfil her dreams of becoming a fierce lawyer advocating for her passionate belief in Maori rights and social justice.

Te Ata Tu was part of her school's group for high-achieving learners and a member of the debate team.