Tialeoo Vailele

Class of: 2014
School: Tangaroa College
Scholarship Partner: Hubbard Foods

Tialeoo completed NCEA Levels 1 and 2 with Excellence Endorsements, including Biology and PE endorsed with Excellence, and English and Science with Merit. He was Dux in Year 9, Runner-up Dux for Year 11 and in Year 10 received a Diploma with Excellence Award in Information Technology. 

He participated in the Health Science Academy at School and received a scholarship for the Hands-On Science Programme at the University of Otago. He was also a Peer Support Leader in Year 12, supporting the Year 9 Students, plus involved in the UV Programme at the Tupu Library,  offering support to students with thier homework.

Tialeoo was Captain of the restricted Rugby Team and Player of the Year in 2013, along with playing in the 1st XV Rugby team, plus a player for the Auckland Blues Under 14 team in 2012. He also won a Sportsman award for Soccer in 2013.

"..Tialeoo is an outstanding young man who pushes himself and takes initiative to improve all aspects of his learning.  He consistently delivers work at excellence level and has been described as a dream student with clear future aspirations.." Glenda Koefoed, Acting Principal, Tangaroa College.

Tialeoo plans to be the first in his family to attend tertiary education, either to study Medicine and Health Sciences at Otago University or Engineering at The University of Auckland with a goal of becoming either a Medical Officer or Mechanical Engineer with NZ Defence Force.