Tom Samreth

Class of: 2011
School: Kelston Boys High School
Scholarship Partner: Foodstuffs North Island Ltd
Cambodian-born, Tom is a student with stand out academic achievements in New Zealand. In 2010 this goal orientated young man sat IGCSE Cambridge examinations, which he passed with a complete set of A's. Simultaneously, Tom achieved NCEA Level 1 with a Merit endorsement. His academic excellence was recognised with the 2010 Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship.

Dedication and leadership are also qualities of Tom's. As a committed Buddhist, Tom has deep- rooted confidence and strong belief systems. Liz Anderson-Smith, Training Facilitator at Foodstuffs North Island said the following about Tom: "Tom is a very articulate communicator, with a strong understanding of what he values in life and clear ideas about his future career. He is served well by strong values which fit with our business." He was actively involved in activities associated with the Vimutti Monastery and was part of the Khmer Buddhist Association in Auckland. On the sports field, Tom showed leadership. He took up the position as Captain of the school's table tennis team, whilst also finding time to play cricket, premier tennis and senior soccer competitively.

Tom will complete conjoint BSci and BCom degrees from The University of Auckland in 2017.