Tuniva Taula

Class of: 2012
School: Taita College
Scholarship Partner: Callaghan Innovation Research Limited

Tuniva is passionate about relating well to people. His personal manner, which is warm, courteous and consistently positive, draws people to him and he shows himself in a number of settings to have great leadership potential. At school Tuniva helps out as a leader at the Taita's Homework Club and in the Polynesian Club also. At school Tuniva is also an avid team sportsman, playing Volleyball, Rugby, Touch Ruby and Cricket.  Across the board, he has received medals and awards on the sports field, in the classroom and he skills as a musician.

At Industrial Research Limited (IRL), "Tuniva was a joy to talk to. His absolute enthusiasm for learning combined with his quiet, polite manner struck a chord in all of us. He is the first generation to be born in NZ to Samoan parents and while his close family is important to him he does want to take the opportunity to live to the very best of his ability. He has shown that he can be a leader. He has also shown he is willing to work hard for this and I will never forget the look of awe and wonder on his face as he gazed at our library building. We were all itching to take him under our wing from this first visit."

Alongside obtaining a degree at University in which he can study a number of his interests, Tuniva's ambitions include playing as a high level Rugby player and travelling to discover overseas places.