Vainga Pahulu

Class of: 2009
School: Tamaki College
Scholarship Partner: Spark New Zealand

First in her family of 7 children to attend university, Vainga's current life goals are to improve the value of education in her family. Her future ambition is to become a Member of Parliment. Vainga's Tongan heritage and her ability to communicate fluently in both Tongan and English has equipped her with a bilingual voice. Placements as an Auckland City Youth Councillor and as a Youth Parlimentarian are experiences which contribute to her developing passion for being a spokeswoman for others.

Vainga has always been an excellent example to those around her. On top of a lengthy list of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities this young woman was the Top Academic Student of her year in 2009, a Board of Trustees Student Representative and Peer Support for younger students. As a Prefect in 2010, Vainga consistently showed herself to be a trusted and valued member of the College. It was Hannah Archer, Talent Acquisition Advisor at Telecom who described Vainga as having "brilliant potential."

Vainga started a conjoint Bachelor degrees in Health Science and Law but has changed to BSc in Human Nutrition.