Virieta Setu

Class of: 2003
School: Naenae College
Scholarship Partner: KPMG
Virieta arrived in New Zealand from Samoa  in her Yr 12 and did not hesitate in getting involved with school activities; namely senior girls' volleyball, a future student leaders programme and helping out in the school office with reception and office duties.

"Moving from Samoa, getting involved with First Foundation and working with KPMG, such as big company, helped me with my level of confidence and gave me an experience of the corporate world - a world I still wish to be a part of. With your Mentor and corporate leaders believing in you, you get more motivation to focus on study and make sure it all pays off" states Virieta in reflecting on her scholarship, which she completed in 2006.

Virieta studied for a degree in Commerce and Administration, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law through Victoria University. She graduated in 2009.

Virieta worked for Fairfax Media in Australia until 2012 and is now working with TMA Group of Companies, NSW, "which is giving me more opportunity and exposure to the accounts field that KPMG gave me the introduction to," says Virieta.