William Inthoulay

Class of: 2003
School: Onehunga High School
Scholarship Partner: Warehouse Stationery
At the time of application, this remarkable young man was living apart from his family and working many hours to help support himself financially. The Yr 10 Dean at the time declared: "William displays a dedication and maturity in his ability to balance the demands placed upon him academically, socially, culturally and vocationally."

William struck Warehouse Stationery as having the potential to be an ideal team member. In his interview he showed that he had the capacity to live the values of Warehouse Stationery.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design and Graphics from AUT in 2008, William worked for two years as a web designer and then an interactive designer in Auckland before moving to Wellington for three years where he was the labmanger for Photo Expresso and also  enjoyed developing artist license as a musician.

William moved back to Auckland  in 2013 to an imaging specalist job in Manukau and in 2014  continued with his orginal goal that the wrote on his application form,  which is to teach design at High School and eventually be a university lecturer teaching Photography.
He is currently training to become a teacher in Graphics and Visual Arts.