Zubair Ahmed

Class of: 2001
School: Kelston Boys High School
Scholarship Partner: Telstraclear
Since arriving from Bangladesh in 1998 Zubair has been successful throughout his education in New Zealand. At high school, he received many accolades and prizes in a number of subjects and in his Yr 10 won the Halcrow Cup for Junior Endeavour. In addition to his academic achievements Zubair played school cricket, chess and captained the soccer team.

Zubair studyed Engineering at The University of Auckland. He speaks highly of his time as a Clear Communications student saying that he gained a lot of confidence from their belief in him. Zubair attributes the self-belief that he built through the scholarship programme to being able to speak with confidence at a Microsoft Tech Ed event in Auckland in 2010.

Zubair graduated in 2012 and then worked as a Technical Analyst for three years at the University of Auckland before working as a Consultant and Technical Developer in Melbourne and London.

Zubair is currently a Director of his own start up, Azuronaut.