Become a Mentor

According to the New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network (2016), “mentoring aims to provide a purposeful, structured and trusting relationship, that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement”

The most critical aspect of the mentor’s role is assisting their student to manage a number of major transitions they face during their time with First Foundation.

What are the qualities of a First Foundation mentor?

A First Foundation mentor is a:

  • Guide/coach
  • Wiser friend
  • Advisor
  • Positive role model
  • Most importantly, a listener and sounding board
What is the purpose of a First Foundation mentor?

The purpose is:

  • To establish a positive, trusting, and mutual relationship with mentee
  • To walk alongside mentee as they transition into university and make the most of the First Foundation programme
  • Help mentee to develop life skills to manage their workload and pressure
  • Assist to work towards the goals and objectives for each year
  • Assist in obtaining additional resources
  • Increase mentee’s ability to interact with people from various backgrounds and broaden their professional and supportive networks
What are the mentor commitments?

The commitments are:

  • A commitment of two years minimum (ideally)
  • Attend a mentor training induction
  • Meeting at least once a month with your mentee and being in regular phone, email, or text contact. Especially in the first two years of your relationship.
  • Complete an online quarterly mentor feedback report on the progress being made in your mentoring relationship
  • Communicate with the Student Support team and assist in resolving any problems or difficulties that may arise
  • Participate in First Foundation, Student-Mentor activities and networking events
Want to apply?

If you would like to apply, please click on the Apply now link below. You will need to complete the Police vetting form below and submit a copy of your current drivers license or current passport. You will be asked to upload these forms in your mentor application form.

To find out more, please contact our office or email

Mentor Code of Conduct Mentor Code of Conduct (353 KB)

Police Vetting Consent Police Vetting Consent (272 KB)

Mentoring Process Mentoring Process (94 KB)


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