Scholarship Model

First Foundation believes that all young people should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, irrespective of socio-economic status.

We achieve our mission through a proven and unique programme;

First Foundation 4-Year Tertiary Scholarship Model

The Financial Assistance is one piece of the overall ‘package’ that is required to empower and assist our students to truly transform their lives. Many of our students have fewer tertiary qualified role models to help them prepare for and transition into tertiary study. Students from low socio-economic communities also tend to lack access to influential social and professional networks and labour market information as compared with their peers at high decile schools.

For these reasons, First Foundation's programme is built around three key 'pillars'.


Financial Assistance

The Scholarship Partner (sponsoring organisation) provides a total of $12,000 over the second and third year towards their student’s university costs.


The mentor’s role is to assist students through the major transitions from high school to university and guide them through their new experiences within our scholarship programme.

Work Experience

The Scholarship Partner or Work Experience Partner provides a minimum 4-5 weeks paid work experience per year which allows students to develop skills in a safe work environment and build new networks.

As part of our “hand-up, not a hand-out” philosophy, each student is to save a certain amount from their work experience income, set by First Foundation to contribute towards their university costs.

Student Success Programme

First Foundation manages the delivery of the three pillar model in partnership with key stakeholders.

Our key tasks:

  • Student and Mentor recruitment
  • Student and Mentor matching and support
  • Manage Student Scholarship funds
  • Assess Scholarship performance
  • Manage biannual reports and results
  • Academic monitoring
  • Conduct Annual Student Review meetings
  • Facilitate Student Success workshops and events
  • Transition Students into work experience
  • Manage Student Savings Target