Hikurangi Ratu

Class of: 2016
School: Southern Cross Campus
Scholarship Partner: Tru-Test Ltd
A certificate for academic achievement and citizenship presented to him by HIs Royal Highness Prince Harry is one of Hikurangi's most prized possessions. It reminds Hikurangi of the power of positivity and hard work. His positive attitude has been praised by Principal Robin Staples.

"Hikurangi is a positive, enthusiastic student. He works hard and is willing to ask for help when needed and to act on advice given. He is a perceptive student who has the confidence to express his ideas when appropriate. Hikurangi has a real thirst for learning with an inquiring mind and has the skills to work steadily through his work to ensure it is completed successfully," he said.

Hikurangi has achieved particularly well in English and Calculus, and has consistently been one of the top two students in his year. He was a peer support leader and selected to take part in the Outward Bound programme. Outside of the classroom he enjoys swimming and running.