John Belford-Lelaulu

Class of: 2009
School: De La Salle College
Scholarship Partner: Telecom New Zealand


John came to First Foundation with strong praise from his teachers at De La Salle College. 'As Principal, I am continually impressed by John's leadership, stepping up to guide and intervene when necessary. John is polite, courteous, loyal and reliable - an asset to any organisation.' In addition to being the schools's Deputy head Boy, John proved to be an outstanding sports player, public speaker and contributor to his Church community.

Rich Easton from Telecom recalls that 'when we met John, he struck me as focussed, motivated and having a passion for learning new things'. John has enjoyed working at Telecom and the support they have given him. In John's own words: "This is an opportunity that I don't want to pass me by because it will pave the way for my future."

In 2012, John was a part of the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) and saw his group's design built in Christchurch. "It is always humbling helping out a community. I am proud that I was apart of Christchurch coming together."

John graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and also 
went on to graduate with his Masters of Architecture  from Unitec. His research topic was an exploration of Pacific Art's influence in New Zealand's architectural environment. This topic was explored through the architectural interpretation of Le Malofie, or the Pe'a, which is the traditional Samoan tattoo. With this project he intends to bring awareness the influence Pacific art and architecture has in New Zealand and where it can go.

John intends to travel abroad for a few years to study public spaces and how international precedents have approached incorporating cultural concepts into their designs. From there he wants to apply it to Auckland, or in particular in to Manukau. 

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