Kellin Pasanen

Class of: 2012
School: Naenae College
Scholarship Partner: Chorus

An excellent communicator, a strong critical thinker, an ambitious, out-going and a decisive and steady character, are some of the personal qualities that stand Kellin in good stead for a career in Psychology or Criminology.  He is aiming to study these subjects in a Bachelor of Science at University.

His enquiring mind has seen him achieve highly at school across English, Mathematics and Science.  In 2011 Kellin gained an Academic Excellence Award for Science at school and a National Certificate in Mathematics at Level 1.

Kellin is looking forward to tertiary study. "Kellin is unlike many young people in that he has set himself a goal from a young age and is determined to achieve it...his passion to succeed, diligence and perseverance eliminate failure as an option,"  wrote his Yr 12 Dean at the time that Kellin applied to become a First Foundation Scholar.

Kellin plans to study at either Otago University or Victoria University Wellington.