Michael Fan

Class of: 2012
School: Linwood College
Scholarship Partner: PGG Wrightson
Michael is a young man with strengths in English, Mathematics and the Sciences at school. When he applied for a First Foundation Scholarship he had only been in New Zealand six and a half years, having moved from China with his Mother. Living in Christchurch, both his Mother and him where affected by the earthquakes and have had to hold together and support each other throughout. Michael states "we work as a team". 

Michael has worked hard to balance his commitment to his study and to several different part time jobs.  There is no doubt that his time management skills are excellent.  Michael's positive attitude in the face of hard work and challenge is an outstanding feature to his personality.

Right from his first year at high school Michael had a keen interest in being a student representative on the Linwood College Board of Trustees.  While maintaining a position on the Board of Trustees, for several years ongoing, Michael also participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, lead the school Robotic team, house leader, school production, school council and environmental group and theatre sports. Clearly, Michael enjoys keeping busy and involved.

Michael graduated at the end of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Neirosceinces and Psychology from the University of Otago and in 2018 he will be starting a Masters, working on neuro-imaging Studies.