Praneeta Prasad

Class of: 2008
School: Onehunga High School
Scholarship Partner: Auckland DHB Charitable Trust

At Onehunga High School Praneeta was involved in a number of aspects of school life on top of her academic workload, namely debating and the Indian dance group. Praneeta's skills in choreography are still being put to good use as she remains involved in her local community through events such as Christmas Parades, Diwali Festivals and the past opening of the Onehunga Train Station.

As she carries on with tertiary study Praneeta continues to be the 'self-motivated, mature young woman with a strong work ethic and a commitment to achievement at the highest level' that her Yr 11 Dean at Onehunga High School described her as in 2008.

In choosing Praneeta for a First Foundation Scholarship, Gill Naden from A+ Trust stated: 'We recognised that Praneeta was a hardworking, family-oriented, deserving candidate'.

Praneeta's outstanding work ethic and care for others led her first to studying Medicinal Chemistry through a Bachelor of Science at The University of Auckland. She found her niche in Physiotherapy, which she completed her degree from Auckland AUT in 2016.  

In 2015 Praneeta won a Rotary Young-Person Leadership Award (RYLA) and attended a week long live-in experiential leadership development programme.

Praneeta  is currently working in Auckland as a physiotherapist.