Rosally Alesana

Class of: 2010
School: McAuley High School
Scholarship Partner: Auckland DHB Charitable Trust
Ann Crawford, the Year 12 Dean at McAuley High school recognises the contribution a First Foundation Scholarship would make to the life of Rosally Alesana: 'Rosally has proven a trustworthy, hard working and dedicated person to those of us who have been lucky enough to teach her. Her family is very supportive of her education and proud of her success to date. As the last of four sisters to attend McAuley High School, Rosally has the potential to make a significant contribution to her community and the First Foundation Scholarship will provide her with much needed financial assistance and the student support through the development program.' In 2009, Rosally achieved NCEA Level 1 with a Merit endorsement. For her efforts, she was given the opportunity to attend the Spirit of Adventure Coastguard Day Skipper Experience as a reward. Rosally was first in Year 11 History.

Rosally is a member of her school's Niuean Group that performed at the 2010 Polyfest. She is also in the school choir. Rosally attended the United Nations Youth Declaration Conference in 2010 and signed up for Oxfam to raise money by holding her own coffee break at school. Rosally exhibits her leadership qualities through initiatives such as this, as well as her involvement in the St Vincent de Paul Committee, the Student Council 2010, Students Against Drink Driving (SADD) and as a Careers Monitor. Outside of school, Rosally is the Secretary of the Legion of Mary church youth group, attends Sunday School and serves at the altar every second Sunday.

Rosally would like to combine her love of Biology, Chemistry and English to become a nurse. Rosally intends on studying Nursing at the University of Auckland and in the future hopes to specialise in Paediatrics.

"Rosally is an empathetic, resourceful young woman who has a genuine desire to help others and high academic achievement abilities. She has a gentle, respectful approach when working with others. Rosally would love to be a nurse in a hospital who brings smiles and laughter to patients and restore them to good health. Rosally is interested in a career in Paediatric nursing." - Mercy Thomas, Nurse Educator(Children's NETP) & Workforce Development Coordinator