Shanna Rope

Class of: 2008
School: One Tree Hill College
Scholarship Partner: Telecom New Zealand

From a young age, Shanna has shown a huge amount of determination and drive to be the first member of her family to finish high school and attend University. A highly successful student at One Tree Hill College, Shanna repeatedly took opportunities to represent her school and community with mana. This young kiwi leader showed confidence and potential throughout her time there.

Shanna's vivacious personality captured the attention of Scholarship Partner Telecom, who was thrilled to be in the position to offer this talented student, a 'hand up'. Shanna's strong sense of purpose and direction for her own life has been reflected in her work ethic and commitment to the work experience at Telecom.

Shanna graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Maori Development from AUT. It is Shanna's ultimate goal to produce the first full Te Reo Maori radio station. She has worked at Te Arawa FM, bilingual radio station, as the drive time host, and  also completed New Zealand Radio Training School, in partnership with Whitireia, where she gained a National Certificate in Commercial Broadcasting.

Shanna was the 2012 First Foundation Trustee Award recipient and completed  her Post Graduate Teaching (Secondary) and is currently teaching in Auckland.